The Path to Planning

I feel like my whole life has been leading up to this point. I have always been the “planner” in life. I planned elaborate schemes to ask my dates to prom. I stage directed the junior high play. In high school, I planned all the school dances (I still remember the day we lost our senior prom venue and we spent the entire day in the library cold calling venues). I even captained my high school dance team, which teaches you a lot about wrangling a crowd. My entire college life and following career was premeditated. What I didn’t count on was the experience from my summer job at the local country club. On the summer weekends, we would host weddings and events totaling 250 plus. I had the opportunity to set up and serve at these events, where I would see the beautiful blushing brides, and the crazy bridesmaids, and the drunk groomsmen and the dueling in-laws. Yes, it was very entertaining. And while those late nights in high school seemed frustrating, I look back on them oh so fondly. I always jumped on the opportunity to work a wedding.

I got my degree in advertising. It seemed like the right thing to do. But now I realize that can help me as well; to promote myself, because in an industry where you make your own connections and build your own visibility, self-promotion is very important. So I look forward to figuring out how to get there. It should be an interesting path, full of twists and turns, but ultimately the ride of my life.


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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