Time to Shine

At some point you just have to take the plunge and announce to the world “I am a wedding planner!”. This idea intimidated me to no end, until by close friend Lara (who shares a passion for wedding planning) suggested we step out in style at the Oregon Bride magazine’s 2011 Best of Bride event. I stumbled across the event from a tweet, my best resource for bridal information at the moment, and immediately invited her. We soon began brainstorming our approach to the event; should we tell people we are event planners? Yes. Should we have business cards? Yes! Should we create a unique email for future vendor contacts? Yes!! Then, we need to create a business name for the email address?? Yes!!! Needless to say, the conversation quickly escalated and we began throwing designs and color concepts around.

Then the pieces started to fall in place. Her dad works for a well-known printing company and could produce printed materials. She knows a photographer that took her senior portraits and produced incredible pictures for a friend’s wedding. I knew how to design and had some free time on my hands to work on business cards, a website, invitations for brides… The puzzle started to look not so complicated anymore.

So here we are, professional image to present, business cards in hand. We may not know as much as the next planner, but we’ll sure work twice as hard to get there! This is all on the eve of Lara finding out whether or not she made the teaching program, and me returning to my old retail job for two weeks to make some capital. But now we both have something to work for.


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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