A Night of Camp-In

Don’t you just love surprises? Yesterday my wonderful boyfriend and I shared our 5 year anniversary of dating. We love to celebrate even the small moments in life, so I wanted to make this a big deal. He has been DYING to go camping, but it just wasn’t in the cards this year (since we have no tent, sleeping bags, cooler, etc. and no money to buy them!)

So I had this brilliant idea to recreate a campsite inside our tiny apartment living room. I found some inspiration to make a “love nest” for our fort (but of course we referred to it as Pug Fort, named lovingly after our pug and the ever-famous Dog Fort). Using some rope, chairs and the couch as a backdrop, it was the perfect venue to watch a movie that night.

Read on for details on how to create your own mini camp-in.

The menu included hot dogs, baked beans and canned green beans (his personal favorite). I found a few recipes online for how to make s’mores under your broiler, but we ended up eating the cupcakes that the boyfriend surprised me with. I designed the placecards, banner and invitation in Illustrator. Trail mix is also a nice touch!

Happy Camp-In!


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