Too Many Ideas!

So now I’m having the opposite problem… having too many great ideas! Picking an overall feel to our wedding has suddenly become an overwhelming task that seems endless! Once I feel like I’ve narrowed down a color scheme or invitation design, I’ll either find some other awesome idea that will completely change the “vision”, or I’ll get an overwhelming “Oh I don’t like that!” response from the fiancé (who knew he’d have such definite feelings about our color scheme!). I know once it’s all pulled together, he’ll love it (I have a pretty good idea about what he wants- banquet style seating, pewter accents, perhaps a traditional coat of arms?). The problem I’m realizing now is, what do I want?? I’ve become so good at reading other people’s styles and tailoring to their tastes, how do I know what I really like?

Then I found this blog. What a savior! Reading the Wedding Graduate stories helped remind me that this is MY wedding, not what the Wedding Industry says it should be. If I don’t find a wedding invitation style we like, I can design my own and print it at Staples. There are very few people who would know the difference!! (I do work at an invitation store… so they might know…)

The most important thing is to not let myself get too far ahead of what should come first. Becoming overwhelmed that I’ll never-find-the-photographer-of-my-dreams-in-our-budget is pointless when I don’t even have a date to check their availability! Right now I need to focus on finding a venue (which my fiancé still thinks is way too far ahead) then trust that all other details will fall into place. We do have over 16 months! I was hoping to attend a bridal show in the next few months, but my work schedule has conflicted with every show that I’ve been (secretly) planning on attending. Of course when I no longer have to pretend to be engaged, I am working!

Deep breathes… there will be more bridal shows… before I am married. Some people may think I’m crazy for having such a long engagement. Well, then you obviously don’t know me! But I don’t want to discourage all those brides out there that have a few months to plan. It can be done! But I recommend a lot of help, and a laid back fiancé 🙂


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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