Putting in Your Dues

To me it’s incredibly important to feel prepared for whatever situation I am putting myself into. While spontaneous situations will always arise, it’s important to have the building blocks to react effectively. It’s for this reason that I have hesitated to start my own business. While I have a great variety of related experience, I lack the fundamentals that a bride would rely on me to know.

Beautiful cake from my cousin's wedding that I attended last fall © Elaina Methot

So, I have decided to pursue an internship for this upcoming season, fully knowing that it will probably be unpaid, but the experience will be worth it’s weight in gold (which goes for a lot these days!)

I could see myself training as a sort of apprentice with planners for several years, and being perfectly happy perfecting the craft.  Of course, in return, providing them with my undying enthusiasm for the industry. I’ve had enough of a taste now through doing custom print invitation orders and from back in the day working as a banquet server at a country club. I. Love. Weddings. And no, it’s not just because I’m now planning my own wedding. If anything, I find planning other people’s events way less stressful!

So it’s time to put myself out there, and find my dream internship!


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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