Marry Me!

I gathered my entourage this morning encompassing my fiancé, mom and (reluctant but loving) brother and headed to the Marry Me! Wedding Event in Vancouver, WA. The show had gotten mixed reviews from my colleagues, but I couldn’t pass up a claim-to-fame like “The Northwest’s ONLY Wedding Cake and Tabletop Design Showcase”! And it turned out to be worth dragging everyone out of bed, what a great event! Maybe it wasn’t the biggest show in the Greater Portland area, but there were some quality vendors that I really connected with, and who calmed my nerves that you can find a photographer and florist within your budget (which I was having major freakouts about the night before while explaining our budget breakdown to my mom).

Gotta admit, this table display made me realize why succulents and chevron can make great wedding accents. I’ve never been a fan before, but now I can see how they can be very classic. I apologize for the (way) less than amazing pictures, we were in a hurry this morning!

I’ve spent lots of energy trying to find a balance between “Renaissance Faire” and “English Garden” (our two different, but potentially similar tastes). These two displays were the closest representation of our style, although for the record he hated the little frills on the green tablecloth above (but isn’t the color gorg?!?).

Not our style, but love the little cotton candy shot with a mini Absolut bottle to pour over and make your drink!

Had to finish with this adorable “Up” inspired table. One of the best love stories… makes me tear up just thinking about it!!


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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