Newlywed Life: I’m a Survivor


We did it. We survived wedding planning. As I lay here poolside at our first (of hopefully many) spa days, the full extent of the whole process, and the amazingness that was our wedding day, is setting in. I knew it would be intense, but one could never prepare for how stressful, nerve-wracking yet fulfilling planning your wedding really is. The sense of “you only do this once” is hard to kick,  especially when everyone around you is reminding you of that fact. My now husband kept reiterating “so this is why people only get married once, who would ever want to go through this again!” I can’t blame him. He was super involved and helpful the whole way. Sometimes out of necessity, but I truly couldn’t have done it all without him.

I don’t recommend starting a new job while in the midst of planning your wedding. I managed to pull it off successfully, but there were definitely moments where I wish I hadn’t been working so I could have really dug my heels in at the end. That’s where my now-sister came in. I wouldn’t have accomplished nearly half of what I wanted if she hadn’t been living with us the final month beforehand. My parents, my new parents and my wonderful bridesmaids & work friends were also a godsend in keeping my sanity at the end.

As cliche as it sounds, everything turned out like my very own fairytale. From the craziest bachelorette party, to the sweetest bridal shower tea party, to the dream that was our wedding day, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I can’t wait to share all my favorite details from the planning to the day of, as well as pass along some of my favorite tips & lessons learned, now that I have all of this free time! But for now I’m signing off to enjoy this newlywed time with my husband.


I would love to hear your thoughts!

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