Newlywed Life: Labor Day


Not sure how all of you spent your Labor Day Weekend, but I had the honor of accompanying my husband to the PAX Convention. This was my first year attending, and I must say I was eager to see what it was all about.  As a very casual gamer (aka very infrequent) I can’t say I was particularly excited about any one thing going into it. But being around so many people that were so excited and seeing all the elaborate displays was just awesome.


Another great part about PAX is that the host city is Seattle, my hometown. We got to see some good friends and my family while we were in town. Plus several of the #DOTAwidows were in town with their husbands (the very appropriate name for the wives of DOTA video gamers). I even snuck in an afternoon at Pike Place Market (a must see anytime of year) and got some lavender honey, fresh crab cocktail from the fish throwers and my favorite,  Daily Donuts.


While it was hard not to think about all the post-wedding to do’s piling up at home, we did get some thank you notes written which made me feel better. Overall, a great weekend getaway for the holiday weekend.


3 thoughts on “Newlywed Life: Labor Day

  1. I’m not a huge gamer either, but I have wanted to go to PAX just for the experience. I’m hoping to attend next year if I’m lucky. Did you try any games at all?

    • Yes I did! I played Defense Commander 2, a game similar to Minecraft called Windfall or something like that and an indie game that I forget the name of… The indie game section was excellent! Packed with unique new game concepts.

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