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Moving to New Site!

Hey Everyone!

Exciting news… I have created my first website! Learning how to self-host a website has been both frustrating and fulfilling, but I did it! I recommend watching lots of tutorials. My favorites so far are this Skillshare class (although it is slightly outdated) and the WP Beginner site. I also couldn’t have done it without my friend Kadee who is an awesome website designer herself!

I can already see that the site will be a constant work-in-progress thanks to my perfectionist trait, but I can’t wait to share it with the world.

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My Tea Party Bridal Shower Film

As we celebrate the holiday season, where family all comes back together again, I wanted to share this beautiful film that Rachel Peterson of RP Imagery created as a surprise for me from my bridal shower. Such a wonderful way to remember the perfect tea party thrown by my sister-in-law Kaylin.

Videography: RP Imagery
Venue: Myrtle’s Tea House
Stationery & Event Planning: Kaylin Debiak
Hats supplied by my mother-in-law’s friend Margaret

Our Wedding Invitations

After working at Paper Source for a year and casually done graphic design forever (I was designing newsletters with Microsoft Publisher at the age of 10), I was most excited to design our wedding invitations. The process lasted several months (not exaggerating) and consisted of many designs that were abandoned all together. The final design went through multiple drafts before arriving on the final printed piece.

All the paper was purchased at Paper Source, and then printed and cut down at a local printer. The assembly was done by my wonderful friends and family (thank you for putting up with my crazy assembly lines!!!). Not pictured is the green ribbon and silver wax seal used to hold together the components, which was the most time consuming part.

Elaina & Spencer-242

My vision was to create a classic, yet whimsical design for our “medieval garden” wedding. Some of my obsessions include brackets and calligraphy, which made their way into the design. The liners were Cavallini papers cut down and hand stuff by my great team.

Elaina & Spencer-243

Beautiful paper is another love of mine. It’s hard to tell from the photos, but I used the yummy Luxe white paper for all the pieces (which is quite a pain to find a printer for!). I ordered our return address stamper from Paper Source as well¬†(are you noticing a trend??), which tied in with the brackets on the invitations.

Elaina & Spencer-241blurred

There were MANY more printed pieces that added to our wedding suite that I can’t wait to share with y’all!


The Shift Dress

I am a huge fan of the shift dress as it embodies the essence of simple, chic attire. I knew it gained popularity in recent years but wasn’t familiar with the exact history.

Until my fabulous Lilly Pulitzer 2014 monthly planner arrived.

(On an aside, who knew it would be so hard to find an appealing planner with only months-at-a-glance? While the Lilly one is a bit big, I am in love with the style.) On the first page, there is a quick story on the history of the Lilly and her brand. What a great role model. She designed shift dresses for herself to hide the citrus stains she got while working at her citrus stand. When her high school friend Jackie Kennedy wore one, her design business took off. She’s been designing beautiful prints (while still planning fabulous parties) ever since!

Wouldn’t it be great to go back 50 years, attend the parties, and wear the colorful clothes? Luckily Lilly’s retail business is still thriving today. This sweater. WANT.

Stationary: Save the Dates!

Front side of postcard

Front side of postcard

Backside of postcard

Backside of postcard

I was anxious to share how our Save the Date cards turned out (before wedding planning kicked into high gear). I am pretty proud of them! The only downside was the matte printing from Staples was not the best on the back side of the cards (some ink was missing in part of the design). All-in-all they got the job done, and under budget! See this post for more details about how I designed them.

Party Time: Round Two

We couldn’t miss an opportunity to have a gathering of our Seattle friends & family, so my parents threw us another Engagement Party in their Seattle area home. My mom developed two distinct themes to represent our individual heritages: the Parisian room and the German pub room. The themes were a hit! And very tasty. (Disclaimer: I forgot to take pictures until the end of the night. The food looked spectacular before these were taken!)

My dad MADE the Eiffel Tower!! It turned out incredibly well.