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My Tea Party Bridal Shower Film

As we celebrate the holiday season, where family all comes back together again, I wanted to share this beautiful film that Rachel Peterson of RP Imagery created as a surprise for me from my bridal shower. Such a wonderful way to remember the perfect tea party thrown by my sister-in-law Kaylin.

Videography: RP Imagery
Venue: Myrtle’s Tea House
Stationery & Event Planning: Kaylin Debiak
Hats supplied by my mother-in-law’s friend Margaret

Stationary: Save the Dates!

Front side of postcard

Front side of postcard

Backside of postcard

Backside of postcard

I was anxious to share how our Save the Date cards turned out (before wedding planning kicked into high gear). I am pretty proud of them! The only downside was the matte printing from Staples was not the best on the back side of the cards (some ink was missing in part of the design). All-in-all they got the job done, and under budget! See this post for more details about how I designed them.

9 Months Out: Reality Setting In

Now that we are less than a year out from the wedding date, it’s no longer cupcakes and giggles. It’s time to get down to business. Before I start a big girl job and don’t have time to do any wedding planning for the first few months. Ah!!

Here’s what I we have accomplished over the last few months:

Engagement Photos|Round Two:

We met our new photographer last spring at a wedding show we randomly went to with my mom and brother. My mom’s instinct was right, she takes good photos! I was instantly drawn to how passionate she was about us and our vision (not a vision of her own). Trust your gut when you are hiring a wedding photographer. They are the person you end up spending the most time with on the day of your wedding!

Credit: Mint Photography

Save the Dates:

They arrived today!! I am super excited to get them addressed and mailed out. I designed the images on Illustrator using a photo from our engagement shoot and a template from the Staples Copy and Print center for a postcard. I figured cheapest postage, cheapest cost to produce, why not do a postcard?? I was tempted by some beautiful ideas on one of my favorite blogs, Oh So Beautiful Paper, but decided to stay true to our budget vision and make some rockin’ postcards. Pics to follow after all the friends & family get them!

Tip: I ordered them through Staples Copy and Print, was able to fully customize the front and back, full bleed on matte recycled paper (my preference- glossy also available) for only $42 for 100 with shipping! Just add postcard postage & some circle stickers for the address and voila! Save the Dates for under $75.


Booked! I met him at one of the weddings I was assisting at as an intern this summer and he was a HUGE life saver the whole night. Plus, I loved the way he mixed the music (like a real DJ with turntables!) and acted as a subtle MC through the evenings events.

I highly recommend being able to actually see your DJ in action before you book him (your actual DJ- not the owner!). It’s not always a standard in today’s wedding market, but I feel like it should be required! Some of the newer wedding show concepts have DJs actually spinning at the events; a great way to test a potential DJ!


After developing around 10 prototypes on the computer, and a few physical ones, I have finally held on to the current prototype without making any changes. A good sign it’s time to stop! I have purchased all the materials to produce them and have started assembly on a few items like envelope liners. We have to hold off on printing the invitations until we verify the start time with our venue.


I know it’s still way far out to register for most reasons, but I keep getting hounded with the question “Where are you registering??”. So I dragged Spencer to the mall to do some preliminary research. I think we’ve narrowed it down to Williams Sonoma, Bed Bath & Beyond, and maybe Pottery Barn.

Any horror/success stories on registering?

A Fork in the River

I have some major changes to announce! No worries, S and I are still engaged as ever and moving more and more rapidly towards our wedding date (anything less than a year now feels close!). But I have decided that, gulp, wedding planning is not the career path for me. This was major decision, and I am so glad that I tried it through my internship this summer, but I know in my heart that my true passion is advertising. I studied advertising back in college (a whole 2.5 years ago) and miss it dearly. As Rafiki would say, “It is time.”

This decision has not affected my pure love for everything that is planning and weddings! I still plan to continue sharing my favorite planning tips that I pick up as I plan my own wedding, as well as other problems in the world of a girl getting married. Now I will be a ‘career girl’ juggling a new job, appeasing a fiancé and parents, and communicating with my bridesmaids who are spread out around the WORLD. Not an easy task, but, I can’t wait for the adventure.

So here is a sneak peak of what I’ve been up to lately. We ended up re-shooting our engagement photos with a new photographer when we found out that our original photographer would be unavailable for our wedding. The long drawn-out saga finally ended when I received copies of absolutely beautiful photos from our new photographer. I can’t wait to work with her more!

In my ‘free time’ between job hunting, working my current job and again the appeasing, I have been working on designing our Save the Date announcements for our family. While I want the actual one to be a surprise for them, here is a completely different version that in the running.

Did any of you design your own Save the Dates? Or where did you order them from?

What Not to Do: Engagement Photos

Yesterday we shot our first (and hopefully last) round of Engagement Photos! At this point, I’m am just glad our relationship survived. I equate this engagement milestone to the canoe test. We made the mistake of scheduling a relaxing weekend at the beach, then realized when I got my work schedule that we could squeeze in a photo shoot the following day. This is a big deal, because I work most weekends, Spencer doesn’t, and our photographer is actually a doctor-in-training who moonlights as a photographer. Needless to say, when the stars aligned, we jumped at the opportunity.

The only problem was… these were our Engagement Photos. The photos we will stare at for the rest of our lives. The photos that will show the world “Look, this is who we are as a couple!”. You need to plan these things with new wardrobes and haircuts and juice cleanses at the very least! (Just kidding about the juice cleanse thing… for now). Explaining the gravity of this situation to my fiancé was, well, frustrating. He clearly did not share my level of understanding on the matter. So I got him up to speed, and we headed to a nice relaxing weekend at the beach.

And then it turned into a beautiful weekend. So beautiful that my fair-skinned Bavarian fiancé not only burned, he turned into a splotchy lobster. The day before our photo shoot. As we drove aimlessly around the island that we were planning to shoot at the next day, he grew more and more irritable that there were no “obvious” spots. The sun had zapped him of his energy, and he was NOT a happy camper.

Panic. I frantically blotted him with baking soda & water (the verdict’s out on how effective this is) and urged him to take ibuprofen. The next morning, in my nervous calmness, I failed at convincing him to try a clay mask to reduce the redness (the blue will offset the red!). I did, however, convince him to use teeth whitening strips. Yes, I do realize that one application hardly makes a difference, but it somehow made me feel somewhat better.

As he headed off to get a haircut, I went into full blown “I Have Nothing to Wear” meltdown. I started a load of laundry and threatened to go out shopping with an hour before we had to leave. Not my proudest moment. I threw some powder on my fiancé’s two-toned nose and we ran out the door, pug in tow.

Thank goodness for our photographer and his wonderful girlfriend. They calmly held our frantic pug who was yelping at the end of her leash when she was pulled away from us (separation anxiety much?). And they kindly eased Spencer’s nerves that his blatant lobsterness could easily be Photoshopped out.

So here we are, exhausted, and relieved that our Engagement Photos may be finished. If not, I’ll know what not to do next time:

  1. Not wear sunscreen at the beach the day before
  2. Plan a photo shoot with no outfits planned and less than a weeks notice
  3. Pick a spot that we’ve never been to (although it ended up working out since we scouted it out the day before)
  4. Bring a crazy pug on an 80 degree day

The most important thing to remember is just to relax and have fun with your fiancé. Because you’re getting married! And the camera doesn’t lie.

Party Time: Round Two

We couldn’t miss an opportunity to have a gathering of our Seattle friends & family, so my parents threw us another Engagement Party in their Seattle area home. My mom developed two distinct themes to represent our individual heritages: the Parisian room and the German pub room. The themes were a hit! And very tasty. (Disclaimer: I forgot to take pictures until the end of the night. The food looked spectacular before these were taken!)

My dad MADE the Eiffel Tower!! It turned out incredibly well.