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Behind the Scenes: How I Design Pugs

I thought it’d be fun to show you a little peek behind the curtain of my pug designs. I recently posted a new postcard to my Etsy site for the upcoming Easter holiday featuring my pug Maisy. I was actually born on an Easter Sunday, so this holiday is very special to me.

It took several photo shoots to get the right shots. I use actual photos of the pugs and the lighting has to be just right with their head & tails at just the right angle.



Then I take the photos into Photoshop to crop out the background, or crop out their little heads. This is my favorite part because I’m left with an adorable photo of my girls!


I use Illustrator to turn the photos into vectors, which are able to be stretched to any size. These usually require lots of tiny adjustments to capture the essence of the pug. After adding a border and some text, this Easter card was ready for press!

I can’t wait to send this card out to my family & friends!

If you would like your own digital copy to print & send to friends, use this limited time code SPRINGFLING50 to take 50% off the Easter card in my Etsy shop, or any other item in the shop! This offer will be available through Easter Sunday, April 20th.



Our Wedding Invitations

After working at Paper Source for a year and casually done graphic design forever (I was designing newsletters with Microsoft Publisher at the age of 10), I was most excited to design our wedding invitations. The process lasted several months (not exaggerating) and consisted of many designs that were abandoned all together. The final design went through multiple drafts before arriving on the final printed piece.

All the paper was purchased at Paper Source, and then printed and cut down at a local printer. The assembly was done by my wonderful friends and family (thank you for putting up with my crazy assembly lines!!!). Not pictured is the green ribbon and silver wax seal used to hold together the components, which was the most time consuming part.

Elaina & Spencer-242

My vision was to create a classic, yet whimsical design for our “medieval garden” wedding. Some of my obsessions include brackets and calligraphy, which made their way into the design. The liners were Cavallini papers cut down and hand stuff by my great team.

Elaina & Spencer-243

Beautiful paper is another love of mine. It’s hard to tell from the photos, but I used the yummy Luxe white paper for all the pieces (which is quite a pain to find a printer for!). I ordered our return address stamper from Paper Source as well¬†(are you noticing a trend??), which tied in with the brackets on the invitations.

Elaina & Spencer-241blurred

There were MANY more printed pieces that added to our wedding suite that I can’t wait to share with y’all!


Life is short, do what you love.

LifeisShortIf I have learned anything in my 25 years on this earth, it is that life needs balance. When you deny yourself in the areas that make you happy, you are left feeling unfulfilled and just plain unhappy. Lately I’ve been feeling like the creative side that I crave so much has been empty.

I made a list of the 5 things I love the most in life: Parties/Weddings, Animals/Dogs, Etiquette, Organization and Design… invitations, stationery, etc. (I love my family & friends above all else!) I looked at where I spend the majority of my time (work) and if my job was fulfilling any of these loves. Even kind of. I get to organize projects at work, but that’s about it. I couldn’t shake the feeling of my soul being crushed by the lack of a creative outlet.

Continually soul searching and living life to the fullest is something deeply important to me. I stumbled across the Holstee Manifesto, written by a group of people who come from the heart of our generation. The Millennials. Raised to change the world, then told to mind our place. If there is one thing that gets me riled up more than anything is being told “No, that will never happen”. Those words build a fire beneath me, pushing me to work even harder, search even deeper to find what it is that I will do to make a difference in this life I am blessed with.

With that determination, I have set out to continue following my dreams and finding what makes me happy. Hopefully it will make other people happy, too. So with as big of steps as life will allow, I am charging forward to create designs that will inspire others to live a fulfilled life.

More to come soon…